Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans 2020


Want to jump straight to the answer? The best dedicated hosting plan for most people is definitely BlueHost.

Choosing the best web hosting provider is a crucial step for website owners. Your hosting service and plan will have a major impact on the performance of your website.

But with so many options to choose from, it can seem complicated.

A dedicated server might be right for you. That means your website will have its own server on which it will be hosted. 

Dedicated server plans are not created equally. Eery website has unique needs as well. The best dedicated server plan for one website, might not be the best option for you. That was my inspiration for creating this guide.

The truth is, there are lots of amazing dedicated server plans out there. It would be irresponsible and impractical for me to name just one as the best (although if I had to pick just one it would be BlueHost).

Instead, I’ve narrowed down the best dedicated servers with every type of website in mind. So no matter what you’re looking for, I’m confident you can find it on this list.

Table of Contents

    Best Dedicated Hosting Plans for 2020

    1. Bluehost — Best Overall Dedicated Hosting Plan
    2. SiteGround — Best Support for Dedicated Hosting Plan
    3. HostGator — Most Reliable Dedicated Hosting Plan
    4. Liquid Web — Best Add-On Bundle Packages for Dedicated Hosting Plan
    5. AccuWeb  — Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plan Plans
    6. Hostwinds — Best Dedicated Hosting Plan Plans
    7. TMD hosting – Best for Fast Start
    8. GoDaddy – Best for Full Root Access
    9. InterServer – Overall Best Performance
    10. ResellerClub – Reliable Dedicated Hosting

    Read on to learn more about each of my top picks for the best dedicated hosting providers for 2020.

    Reviews of the Best Dedicated Server Providers and Dedicated Hosting Plans

    Now that you have a better understanding of dedicated hosting, it’s time to dive into the best plans on the market today. We always keep this list refreshed, so you can be sure that the information is accurate and up to date.

    1. Bluehost — Best Overall Dedicated Hosting Plan

    Bluehost is a reliable dedicated hosting provider with great value for your money. Their servers are not as powerful as some of the other dedicated server providers’ on this list, but you get some excellent features for a relatively low cost.

    Bluehost has data centers almost all over the globe with coverage in the US, EU, and Asia. Their uptime is almost perfect, with 99.99% and only a minute of downtime in the past two months. The performance is also reliable, with an average speed of ~720ms during the same period.

    They only offer Linux configured servers, but they’ve added a free cPanel subscription with every plan to help you manage your dedicated server with ease.

    Bluehost’s cheapest plan comes with a 4GB RAM and 2.3GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, which aren’t that powerful. You also get a 500GB of HDD disk space, which isn’t a lot, and considering that they don’t offer an SSD disk with that low storage. Your bandwidth is also capped at 5TB, which should be enough for most small and medium-sized businesses. You do get 3 dedicated IP addresses with the cheapest plan.

    Some of the main features are the standard root and SSH access and RAID 1 mirrored storage. On top of the free cPanel mentioned earlier, you also get a free SSL certificate to take some hassle off from your costs. However, the plans are missing the industry-standard DDoS protection.

    Reliability & Support (4.8 / 5.0)

    Bluehost has been in this industry since 2003. Having been acquired by the mega hosting conglomerate Endurance International Group, Bluehost is no doubt one of the leaders in the industry today. The company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is basically the standard in the industry. With more promising uptime rates comes higher price points, so Bluehost presents a bargain that balances cost with reliability.

     24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Phone, and Chat, and Extensive Knowledge Base

    Modern hardware, built and maintained in house

    Sign up to save at least 27% on your first term

    RAID 1 mirrored storage

    24/7 expedited support from a dedicated team

    Minimum 3 IP addresses per plan

    Visit to get started

    2. SiteGround — Best Support for Dedicated Hosting Plan

    Looking for seemingly limitless server resources that are easily accessible across the globe? Look no further than SiteGround’s dedicated hosting. Featuring multiple datacenters based out of the US, Europe, and Asia, SiteGround’s dedicated servers offer extreme accessibility, scalability, and security.

    If you’re interested in dedicated hosting, you’re probably not new to the web hosting community, as hosting on dedicated servers is designed for site owners faced with extremely high traffic volumes. These customers are therefore in need of a server dedicated to providing blazing-fast page load speeds and mega-scale bandwidth for mission-critical websites and applications.

    With dedicated servers, the key points to consider before choosing a host are bandwidth limitations, speed, and processor performance, as well as RAM and storage options. To ensure your account is secure, you’ll also want to look into data protection, downtime prevention, and of course, network size and overall security.

    SiteGround starts you off with Intel Xeon E3 or E5 processors, with a minimum of four CPU cores and eight threads. Customers receive at least 16GB of DDR3 memory, 480GB of SSD storage, and 10TB of bandwidth.

    SiteGround uses the latest hardware while keeping replacement parts on-site for every model used. To reward loyal customers, the company regularly updates hardware with seamless transitions and zero downtime. Overall, SiteGround averages 99.999% uptime each month and 99.996% annually.

    In terms of security, SiteGround was the first to implement a unique server isolation mechanism that protects servers from becoming compromised by a single, vulnerable account. The downtime prevention software they developed detects and resolves the majority of server issues instantaneously, while most hosts take up to 40 minutes to detect, triage, and react to security breaches.

    Reliability & Support (5.0 / 5.0)

    SiteGround prides itself on innovating with ideas previously considered implausible. For example, in the early days of shared hosting, the drawbacks to running on shared servers were typically weakened security and hindered performance. SiteGround was the first to implement a unique mechanism that isolates server accounts, so that vulnerable accounts can’t be the demise of entire networks.

    SiteGround also offers free daily backups to customers. In the past, the backup systems available took up to half a day to generate results. The company created its own backup system, which takes about an hour to run, at no additional cost to users of any of their packaged plans.

     99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Free Daily Backups, Free Cloudflare CDN, Unlimited MySQL Database Storage, 24/7 Support, cPanel, and SSH Access

    Modern hardware optimized for top-notch performance

    5 FREE IPs and Softaculous auto installer

    cPanel, SSH access, and 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring

    Cloudflare CDN and iptables firewall

    Full management and 24/7 VIP support

    Visit to get started

    3. HostGator — Most Reliable Dedicated Hosting Plan

    HostGator is a known web hosting company with useful features when it comes to dedicated servers. They offer a managed dedicated hosting solution with competitive pricing but be prepared to pay more after the initial period.

    HostGator has data centers in the US only. Their performance over the past two months isn’t something we’d hoped to see from a well-established web hosting provider. The average speed was only ~1090ms, which is below the performance some of the other providers have on this list. Their uptime was 99.86% as they experienced two hours of downtime during the last two months.

    HostGator offers both Linux and Windows configurated servers to match your needs. You get access to a free control panel with both configurations, cPanel and WHM with Linux and Plesk and WebMatrix with Windows.

    HostGator’s cheapest plan comes with a decent 8GB of RAM and a 2.1GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You get 1TB of HDD disk space and only have the option of choosing an SSD disk with higher-tier plans. However, you have unmetered bandwidth and 3 dedicated IP addresses with every plan.

    The main features are root access, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, and IP based firewall. Also, you get access to unlimited databases. Since HostGator offers a managed dedicated hosting solution, they monitor your servers 24/7 and provide automated updates right from the start.

    Reliability & Support (5.0 / 5.0)

    With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, HostGator performs admirably when it comes to reliability. This level of service is the industry standard and while there are hosts with a higher uptime rate, they also have a much higher cost. HostGator has been in the industry for a long time, so you can feel safely assured that they are not a scam and will be around for the long term.

     Extensive Online Knowledge Base for Common Hosting Issues and 24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Phone, and Chat

    Linux or Windows servers available

    HDD or SSD storage plus unmetered bandwidth

    Fully redundant network and datacenter

    SSH access and support for multiple languages

    Managed or semi-managed solutions

    Visit to get started

    4. Liquid Web — Best Add-On Bundle Packages for Dedicated Hosting Plan

    Liquid Web offers a reliable and lightning-fast dedicated hosting service. It comes equipped with powerful servers and loads of useful features to keep your websites at the top performance.

    Liquid Web has data centers in the US and EU, which provide a stable connection for visitors in both regions. Performance-wise, we’ve measured their speed to be the fastest on the list with an average of ~360ms. Their uptime was almost perfect, with 99.99% and only 2 minutes of downtime in the past two months.

    Liquid Web offers dedicated servers with both Linux and Windows configurations. However, be prepared to pay extra for the Windows configuration as a standard. You also have access to Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Interworx control panels for which you’re able to buy separate licenses through the control panel.

    One of the main advantages is that you get a whopping 32GB of RAM and a 3.9GHz processor with 4 CPU cores right from the start. The disk space with the cheapest plan is not that great with 480GB, but the default SSD disk makes up for it considering the speed. You also have the option to upgrade to a larger disk space when you need it. Also, you get a single dedicated IP with the cheapest plan. However, you’re limited to 5TB of bandwidth for data transfers, which should be enough for most small or medium-sized businesses.

    The main features are root and SSH access, real-time monitoring, standard DDoS protection, and software RAID 1 with a 1TB Single SATA HDD backup drive included with the plan. You also get an added bene

    Reliability & Support (5.0 / 5.0)

    Liquid Web houses five privately owned datacenters in the U.S. and Europe. The company offers geo-redundancy and supreme disaster recovery support, along with some of the fastest response times in the industry.

    As a result of the state-of-the-art technology and experienced technicians, Liquid Web boasts extremely high uptime rates. The company even goes so far as to promise 100% network and power uptime, with 1,000% account credits due for every unplanned outage. The expert support of the Heroic Support® agents and the screaming-fast hardware keep your Liquid Web site live and fast and your mind at ease.

     Redundantly Built Network, 24/7/365 Heroic Support® Available Via Phone, Chat, or Email. 100% Network and Power Uptime Guarantees.

    100% network and power uptime guarantees

    Auto-migrations, backups, and real-time monitoring

    Windows or Linux with 100% uptime guarantee

    Custom configurations and instant provisioning

    Block/object storage and load balancer add-ons

    Visit to get started

    5. AccuWeb  — Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plan Plans

    Dedicated servers with AccuWebHosting are completely configurable and scalable, ensuring customers don’t need to purchase unneeded resources until traffic on their website or application warrants the expansion.

    Storage ranges from 250 GB to 16TB, drastically outpacing every competitor. Additionally, customers can arrange for between 8GB and 512GB of memory, while the company allocates bandwidth from 500GB to 20TB per month. Configurations and availability somewhat depend on which of AccuWebHosting’s 11 datacenters you select: U.S. (east or west), U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Singapore, India, Germany, Poland, or the Netherlands.

    We wish customers deploying dedicated servers in AccuWebHosting’s US datacenter could have a dedicated IP address, but we don’t consider an IP address block a dealbreaker. Important note: not all datacenters are equipped with the company’s multi-layer DDoS protection infrastructure, either.

    AccuWebHosting’s network is powered with redundant Juniper routers and Cisco switches, operating internally at 2Gbps. All critical network infrastructure is monitored every 60 seconds, with potential issues immediately escalated to company management. All the precautions enable AccuWebHosting to offer nearly 100% uptime, network, and power service-level agreements — a rare mark that literally cannot be topped.

    The company’s bare-metal servers are priced fairly competitively with other hosts, but the service’s biggest detriment is an upcharge for managed services. Several competitors include more support at similar price points, but AccuWebHosting charges an additional $90 per month for 24/7 monitoring, proactive server management, operating system and control panel management, along with automated and unmetered backups and two hours of dedicated SysAdmin time each month — fantastic services, but the cost doubles the price of the company’s cheapest dedicated server.

    Reliability & Support (4.5 / 5.0)

    Shared hosting customers automatically enjoy AccuWebHosting’s fully managed support services, which guarantee a one-hour response to tickets. We found that most support tickets, however, are answered within 15 minutes and resolved within six hours. In addition to advanced monitoring and daily backup services, the company’s hosting experts are available for optimization and consulting services.

    VPS and dedicated hosting plans come with various levels of managed support: self-managed, fully managed, or per-incident. Monthly support contracts can be purchased for a discount to handle firewall configurations, web server configurations, or additional security, performance, or software troubleshooting. We always love when a hosting provider includes access to dedicated SysAdmin time, as AccuWebHosting does with its fully managed support option.

     24/7 Live Chat, Helpdesk Support Tickets, Phone Support, Extensive Knowledgebase, Message Forums, On-Site Security and Engineering Teams

    Fully or self-managed options

    Choice of 11 global data centers

    100% uptime, network & power SLA

    Optional proactive monitoring

    Remote reboots for all servers

    Visit to get started

    6. Hostwinds — Best Dedicated Hosting Plan Plans

    Hostwinds offers a budget dedicated hosting service that you can customize based on your needs. However, the low prices also reflect on some missing standard features that some of the other providers include as default. The cheap cost also somewhat reflects upon the performance.

    Their data centers are only based in the US, Dallas, and Seattle. The uptime during the past two months has been 99.99%, with only a minute of downtime in total. However, their performance is entirely lacking, with an average load time of ~1120ms, which is below the industry standard.

    Hostwinds offers both Linux and Windows configured servers for which you can choose your desired Operating System. The plans don’t include a control panel, but you’re able to subscribe to either cPanel, Plesk, or CWP through the HostWinds interface, for an extra cost.

    The cheapest plan sets you up with 8GB of RAM and a 3.5GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, which is a bargain considering the cheap price. You also get 1TB of HDD disk space and a total of 8 dedicated IP addresses. However, you’re limited to 10TB of bandwidth for data transfers.

    The main features are somewhat lacking in the default plans, but you have the option to add them separately for a price. You do get root access with your servers, but there’s no default RAID storage feature (choose an additional disk for an extra cost), DDoS protection (extra $50/mo), or 24/7 monitoring (extra $2/mo) included. You also have an option to get cloud backups as an add-on for a low price of $1/month.

    Reliability & Support (4.8 / 5.0)

    Hostwinds spends as much time perfecting and streamlining customer support as the company does optimizing its hosting hardware. The company’s system engineers are available to customers every moment of every day, and Hostwinds guarantees a quick response: five minutes for email tickets and 30 seconds for live chat and phone calls. Monitoring and backup plans are available to further protect your information, and the company’s 99.999% uptime guarantee is practically impossible to beat.

     24/7/365 Support Through Email Tickets, Live Chat, and Phone With Guaranteed Response Times; 99.999% Uptime Guarantee and Robust Knowledgebase

    Highly configurable servers with a choice between Windows or Linux

    Fully managed support and nightly backups

    SAS Type II and Tier 4 datacenters

    1-hour hardware replacement

    99.999% uptime guarantee and DDoS protection

    Visit to get started

    7. TMD hosting – Best for Fast Start

    TMDHosting servers are built with operating system images that are designed to allow you to provision and deploy servers quickly. Preconfigured with the latest technologies, including RAID-10, CentOS, Memcached, Apache, PHP, and MySQL, the server setups are flexible and should cater to just about any performance need.

    TMDHosting’s Intel-powered server infrastructures are updated quarterly, while they frequently work with Intel to test out potential new products; if you have a hardware or software need that you don’t see offered, just make a request to TMDHosting’s technical support team and they will gladly work with you.

    For the more web-savvy user, you’ll be pleased to know that TMDHosting offers full root access, as well as WHM control, to dedicated server customers. You can log into your server remotely with SSH access and manipulate your hardware or software configuration via the command line.

    TMDHosting offers expert technical support around the clock. Not only is their “Most Dedicated Support” team on call 24/7, but they have actual humans keeping an eye on your server(s) as well. The live human monitoring factor is telling of the kind of uptime you should expect as a result.

    Like their virtual servers, their dedicated server offerings include the option for seamless upgrades or downgrades based on shifting needs. You can expect no losses in data or connectivity and this scaling can be done at any time.

    For the cherry on top in peace of mind, TMDHosting takes daily and weekly snapshots of your data and keeps up to seven versions backed up at all times. Their technical support team will gladly help you roll back to a previous backup at no additional cost.

    Reliability & Support (4.7 / 5.0)

    TMDHosting has a full staff of technical support, system admins, and customer care personnel. They design their shared hosting plans to be as stress-free as possible by offering fully-managed services; meanwhile, their “Most Dedicated Support” team is on hand for all customers. Not only are they available all day, every day, but they have actual humans watching over the servers as well, to ensure you and your site are fully supported at all times.

     24/7/365 Human Monitoring, In-House Web Firewall, Spam Protection, and dedicated support

    Full root access and choice of OS

    Datacenters in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia

    Single- and dual-core processors

    Quick provisioning and SSD speed

    24/7 monitoring and hardware firewall

    Visit to get started

    8. GoDaddy – Best for Full Root Access

    GoDaddy is exceptionally well-known in the hosting space, typically serving as site owners’ introduction to the world of web hosting. The company makes it incredibly easy and affordable for folks to choose a domain name, sign up for hosting, and start building their online business or personal web property.

    While known for its domain, email, and shared hosting services, GoDaddy offers options for virtual and dedicated servers as well. Pre-built templates come with the hosting company’s basic WordPress offering, or upgrade to managed WordPress services for top support or help with your online store.

    The company makes the migration process as seamless as possible, so you shouldn’t shy away from scaling your site as your business needs grow; GoDaddy is a hosting home that will grow alongside you.

    The user control options are pretty popular in the hosting space: your choice between the easy-to-use cPanel or Plesk control panels, plus root (administrative) access for more tech-savvy customers.

    If you’re particularly interested in webmail, GoDaddy offers an intuitive interface for keeping up with the unlimited email accounts you have available to you as a customer. Each email account comes with 256-bit encryption and enhanced privacy protection.

    Customer support has been a focus of the GoDaddy team of late. Today, the team has an award-winning collection of experts on staff, readily available to handle customer phone calls and messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Luxury services like WordPress Premium Support and Website Security also add support ticketing functionality.

    While GoDaddy is on hand to talk you through any issues, the team is also keeping an eye on your server (as well as other clients sharing your server). The hosting provider’s around-the-clock security monitoring enables GoDaddy to guarantee uptime rates of 99.9% or better. This uptime rate is by no means outstanding in the industry, but for most end users, it’s all that’s required.

    The bottom line is this: GoDaddy is a go-to domain web host for millions of users worldwide for a reason. The company maintains an ever-expanding network of users by offering blazing-fast load times, award-winning security and support, and a free domain registration when you sign up for a year-long plan. It’s a great hosting deal, particularly for first-timers and small business owners, at a really great price point.

    Reliability & Support (4.6 / 5.0)

    The 99.9% uptime guarantee makes it difficult for us to rank GoDaddy among the top providers of the hosting world, as that rate is largely considered the minimum standard in the industry. For most users, however, 99.9% uptime is absolutely plenty. If your website or application requires a higher guaranteed uptime rate, you should consider more premier (and higher priced) hosts or upgraded services.

     24/7 Phone, Chat, Twitter, and Email Support, Extensive Online Help Center, and Ticketing System

    Award-winning support and security

    Choice of cPanel or Plesk included

    99.9% uptime guaranteed

    Industry-leading load times

    World’s #1 Domain Name Registrar

    Visit to get started

    9. InterServer – Overall Best Performance

    You know a hosting company means business when it owns and operates its own datacenters. Because InterServer employees build and manage servers in the same building as company headquarters, dedicated hosting customers get the utmost in flexibility, support, and around-the-clock monitoring.

    Because Co-Founders Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri started InterServer in 1999 out of frustration with their own personal hosting providers, Mike and John insist the company remain independent and customers are supported 24/7 through phone, chat, or tickets with InterServer’s US-based team. In fact, chances are a Co-Founder will answer your ticket in fewer than 20 minutes.

    Servers are up and running within four hours and come with at least 1GB of RAM, 250GB of storage, 10TB of bandwidth, and five IP addresses. With the company’s base Intel Dual-Core Atom configuration costing roughly $50 per month, InterServer brings surprising affordability to the high-end dedicated hosting products.

    At the other end of InterServer’s spectrum of server setups, we were utterly blown away by the amount of storage you can configure — users can max out their servers with not one, but two, 6TB SATA hard drives. If you need SSD, you can install up to 2TB of the performant drives. Users can also configure up to 13 IP addresses and choose among several different flavors of Linux or Windows operating systems.

    Reliability & Support (4.9 / 5.0)

    Anytime you have one Co-Founder answering support tickets and another managing the datacenter, you know a company takes customer service and reliability seriously. InterServer offers the seemingly standard 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support, but we appreciate the personal, hands-on care an on-site team can provide.

     24/7 On-Site Support Through Live Chat, Phone, and Email Tickets, Plus Community Forums, Extensive Knowledgebase, and a 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee

    Price-lock guarantee without contracts

    Up to 24 cores and 100TB bandwidth

    Custom configs built and maintained in-house

    12 operating systems and 3 control panels

    24/7 uptime monitoring and private datacenter

    Visit to get started

    10. ResellerClub – Reliable Dedicated Hosting

    Given the high price tag of dedicated servers, it can be hard to find a clear bargain. However, ResellerClub offers an impressive array of bare-metal and semi-managed servers with a surprising number of features, all for rates lower than we expected. Whether you’re looking for a high-powered environment for yourself or for your clients, be sure to give ResellerClub dedicated servers a serious look.

    ResellerClub’s US servers are housed in an Austin, Texas, datacenter that is powered by two substations and connected to more than 17 fiber optic providers. The company operates a similar infrastructure in the UK, Turkey, India, and Hong Kong. Blade servers are provisioned instantly and award users full root access and a server management interface. The base server, which costs significantly less than $100 per month, comes with an Intel dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 1TB of RAID-1 storage space.

    Customers will appreciate the included ClamAV anti-virus protections, in addition to operating system updates and security patches. Those site owners looking for more technical assistance and maintenance oversight can upgrade to managed servers.

    Although managed services can mean a wide range of things to different providers, ResellerClub is sure to impress. The company’s managed tasks rank up there with the high-end luxury hosts: firewall configuration, content management system and MySQL optimization, full web server and control panel support, and security audits. Perhaps most impressively, ResellerClub will support, repair, and update third-party applications to the best of the knowledgeable support team’s ability.

    Reliability & Support (4.6 / 5.0)

    Depending on where you look on the company’s website, ResellerClub offers either a three-nines or four-nines network uptime guarantee. While 99.9% is the perfectly respectable industry standard, the bump up to 99.99% reliability is an impressive and distinguishing feature. The company designed and built its infrastructure to prioritize stability, scalability, and security, with datacenters being equipped with Dell servers and Juniper switches, among other name-brand hardware.

    On the support front, ResellerClub offers the typical 24/7/365 assistance through email, phone, and live chat. We felt the technical support chat feature was darn near impossible to find (naturally, the sales chat is posted all over the top of the ResellerClub website), but we were pleased with the response time and helpfulness of our support agent.

    The “Request Support” link from the account interface took us to a half-finished support center page, but we were able to easily search the knowledgebase for information and raise a ticket. We found the support area linked in the header of the ResellerClub website to be much more helpful, with sections devoted to tickets, the knowledgebase, phone support, Twitter, server status, and — especially cool — an area to submit feedback or new ideas to the company.

     24/7/365 Customer Support via Email, Tickets, Phone, and Live Chat. Extensive Knowledgebase and Resource Center

    Full root access and server management portal

    Instant provisioning of Intel Xeon processors

    Efficient server technology and reliable network

    Core support with security patches and updates

    Visit to get started

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