Connect Your Website to Cloudflare (Free CDN & SSL)

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Cloudflare is the one of the best CDN (Content delivery network) and its completely free for basic websites / blogs. You can upgrade to get extra features.

Cloudflare have its own SSL certificate, to provide extra security. You can use your own SSL certificate, if you have your own SSL certificate.  Cloudflare will help your site to be keep online using caching. 

Step 1 : Sign Up

Click here to register your cloudflare account. Registration process will take 2 min, no need provide your credit/debit card details. Free account is more than enough for normal website or blog.

Cloudflare home page

Click Sign Up link in home page

Signup cloudflare

Enter your email id and password and click Create account button

Step 2 : Login to Cloudflare Account

After successful registration of cloudflare you can login to your cloudflare account. In dashboard you will get “Add a Site” button. Click that button to add your website.

Cloudflare dashboard

Click Add a Site button

Step 3 : Add Your Website

Enter your website and and click add a site button. 

Add site in cloudflare

You will be redirect to plan selection page. You can select free plan for testing purpose and click choose plan button.

Cloudflare plan selection

Cloudflare will check your ip and DNS details and show your proxy details. Click continue button to proceed further.

Cloudflare DNS details
cloudflare nameserver selection

Click “Continue with default”

Cloudflare will prompt your current name server’s and new nameservers. You should change your nameserver for pointing all requests to cloudflare.

Cloudflare nameserver details

Click next to navigate cloudflare configuration page. In this page you have to select your security type and other configurations. 

Cloudflare configurations

You can select improve security option to change your website security level. In this window you can select “Full” and click save button. Now you are fully secured.

Cloudflare full security

Select always use HTTPS option in navigation menu and turn on always use HTTPS button then click save.

Use HTTPS in cloudflare

Select all options in auto minify window and click save.

Cloudflare autominify

Brotli also turn it on to speed up your page load. Then click save button. Now your cloudflare  configurations is completed.

Cloudflare brotli

Step 4 : Change your name server

Login to your domain registrar website, and change name server to custom DNS and enter cloudflare nameserver.

cloudflare DNS changing

Step 5 : Check your DNS status

Go to your cloudflare dashboard, and click “Recheck” button to check your DNS settings. 

cloudflare DNS check

After clicking recheck button cloudflare will start domain propagation. Once propagation is completed, you will get confirmation email.

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