Create WordPress in DigitalOcean – Using 5 Simple Steps

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Create wordpress in digitalocean will take 5 minutes. Click here to register DigitalOcean. You will get $100 instantly. 

When you start registration process, it will prompt credit card or paypal payment option. You can choose any one of the given option. DigitalOcean never charge you, if you are not using any service.

Register Digital Ocean

Provide your email and and password and follow the payment options

Step 2 : Login to DigitalOcean

Once you successfully signup digitalocean, system will redirect you to login page.

DigitalOCean Dashboard

Provide your registered email id and and password, system will navigate to dashboard.

Step 3 : Create wordpress droplet and Install WordPress

Click create button in dashboard and select droplet in the given popup.

create droplet

Select droplet (First option)

In the droplet creation window, you can select marketplace option. Because we are not installing vps separately. If you want to host multiple websites in one droplet, then you need to create VPS first.

Here am explaining only one website or blog in a single droplet.

select marketplace option in digitalOcean

Select marketplace tab in create droplet window

select wordPress in digitalOcean

Select WordPress in market place

Now you need to select pricing  and configuration. Before selecting pricing and configuration, you need to analyse how many visitors will be expected in one month. If you are a beginner or new blogger, you can select basic plan $5 /Month. You can upgrade any time anything in this digital ocean.   

DigitalOcean Choose plan

Select a plan based on your requirement.

Next step is selecting data center. Before selecting data center, you have to analyse few things. Always your data center should be closer to your focusing country. For example, your operations or website visitors in USA, then you should select USA server. 

If you are running business in multiple country or your blog readers are in multiple country. You can add cloudflare CDN. Cloudflare CDN is completely free.

Select Datacenter

Select data center

Next you have to set one password to login your wordPress VPS. Then click create button.

Select digitalocean password

Enter your VPS password

After creation of wordpress droplet(VPS), you can see droplet with ip address in dashboard.

Droplet created

Step 3 : Install WordPress

DigitalOcean provides console to install wordpress in few steps. Click Droplet menu in left side of the window, you can see all droplets in your account. Select your droplet in that window.

All droplets

Now you can see Access menu in that window. Click that menu, to open console window.

Open consol window in digitalocean

Click Launch console button. Small popup console window will be open immediately. Incase console window is not open, disable popup blocker in your browser and click launch console button.

Console will prompt to enter user id. You can type “root” as user id and press  enter. Console will prompt your password. Type your password (you setup your password in droplet creation page.) and click enter.

Now WordPress is installed successfully. If you want to test that wordpress, copy the ip address and past in your browser, you can see the demo wordpress site. But you have to configure some more settings.

Console will prompt to enter your domain. If your site is already running in another hosting also you can type your domain name. This is required to configure free SSL, nothing else.

Register free ssl

After providing domain name, console will prompt you to enter your email id. This email id is registered in your wordpress and SSL. If you want to change this email id, you can change from wordpress dashboard.

Once you complete these steps, console will prompt you to enter user id and password. This user id and password to enter your wordpress dashboard.


Wordpress userid and pass digitalOcean

Now your wordpress admin user id and password is configured. Next part is installing Free SSL. Enter “Y” to install SSL to your wordPress website. 

Install SSL

Next console will ask you to install SSL for your domain start with www or both. Just press enter, to install SSL for both cases.

Install SSL for your domain

Congratulations, your wordpress website is ready. SSL also configured. Now we need to point our domain to digitalocean.

Wordpress installed successfully

Step 4 : Set Domain name in your droplet

Click networking option in left side menu list. System will prompt you to enter your domain. Enter your domain and click Add domain button.

Adding domain in digitalocean droplet

Once your domain name is added, system will prompt you to enter your ip address and CNAME. Follow the steps as it is.

Adding domain in digitalocean droplet
Adding domain in digitalocean droplet

Your domain is successfully added to your digitalocean wordpress droplet. 

Step 5 : Change Name Server from your domain registrar

You need to copy your name server details from digitalocean to your domain registrar. You can copy your new name server from networks menu as mentioned below.

Get name server from digitalocean

We are using namecheap as our domain registrar, each domain registrar Name Server changing menu will be different based on their software. 

Go to Name Server option in namecheap website and select custom dns option in that selection.

DNS changing

Enter your digitalocean name servers and click save button. Sometimes it will take 1 hour to propagate your website. Most of the time, with in 10 min it will propagated.

Now your website is Live and ready to use. If you want to migrate or copy your wordpress website from another hosting you can use a free plugin. Click here to read migration procedure.

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